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Club starter dual model flying pack 4838P

£ 288.00 each


All you need to get a club flying.

The pack comes with an assembled pole unit (just needs a base board) and is ready to plug in and fly as soon as you have finished building the models.  The pack is ideal for a club wishing to start RTP flying in a room 6 metres across or larger. The pack comes with four motors and six laser cut model kits to assemble.


1 x 4504a Assembled pole unit for dual model flying - requires a 400mm square chipboard base (Not Supplied)
2 x 4540P Medium Power PWM controller
1 x 4523 Updated Medium Mains Power Supply Unit
2 x 4644P Twin Flex 6 metres with 4604 plugs and sockets
2 x 4600P Flying Wire 4 metre lines
4 x 4551P Sparrow with short length of wire & half a 4605 plug
2 x 4750L Card Combat model kit
1 x 4572L Sopwith Camel kit
1 x 4586L Eindekker (WW1) kit
1 x 4594L Bristol M1 (WW1) Kit
1 x 4755L 1 ½ Wing Biplane kit

Necessary plans and instructions
Includes UK Postage charge for mains power supply unit

Flying lines can be supplied to required length to suit flying area.