This year's November Impington Village College Model Aeroplane Club indoor flying event took place on Sunday 1st November 2015. Again I was made to feel very welcome at the RTP flying hall by the members of the club and spent the day chatting and flying with David and Will Beavor and Carl Beaumont.

David and Will provided the flying equipment, with 4.5 metre flying lines using 4605 connectors at the model. Here are some of the models on show.


 The Short-Mayo composite project by Will Beavor with the Short S.21 Maia (G-ADHK) in flight.

Three model combat flying

 Great fun towards the end of the afternoon with a bit of three model combat. The planes were card combat models (4750P) with Sparrow motors (4551) and came through many missions and quite a few mid-air collisions without any need for repair. Many thanks to the pilots David, Will and Carl and his sons.